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Local prospects are searching online every month for the products and services your business offers.  They only want to deal with people and companies they can trust.  If you want to make their decision easy, then show up online as THE  local expert they should choose to do business with.

By now, just about everyone has heard of “social proof” – online customer reviews, testimonials and company ratings, for example – and just how important they are to all types of businesses today. But now there’s a powerful new type of online marketing strategy available to business owners and marketing executives for the first time ever that:

green-checkmark1-small-baseline Clearly separates you from your competition in your local marketplace.

green-checkmark1-small-baseline Portrays you as a knowledgeable & trusted local authority in your field.

green-checkmark1-small-baseline Helps consumers make better buying decisions using your tips & advice.

green-checkmark1-small-baseline Makes your business the obvious “go to” first choice for new customers.

It’s called an “Expert Interview” Video!

(click below to watch Dr. Bill’s)

Imagine you’re the owner or company executive being “interviewed” in this 2-3 minute video. You start out by giving your viewers / prospects some helpful information they can use. The video above is a good example – Dr. Bill gives his viewers some insider tips on how to select the best local dentist for their families.  You could also give viewers a few smart questions to use to help them better screen their candidates.  

Not only is this information valuable to your viewers but it also paints you, in their minds, as an authority they should listen to. The video then closes out with a Call-To-Action (CTA) encouraging them to contact you and continue the “discussion” they’re already having with you.

Whose phone is more likely to ring after a prospect watches that?  Yours or your competitors?

Video marketing is the next best thing to actually being there in person, but it must be done correctly if it’s going to be effective.  You could easily spend $3,500 and more for this type of professionally-produced video with the same high-quality results you saw above…


Or you can let us…

Turn You Into THE  Trusted Expert and Authority in Your Local Marketplace With Your Own“Expert Interviews”!


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What other type of marketing collateral promotes you as THE local expert…THE trusted advisor…THE “go-to” authority in your particular field so well?  When these powerful videos show up in prospects’ online searches, or on your website, or on your Facebook page, half the work of closing them as new clients is already done!

Authority Marketing - Building and Marketing Your Professional Authority

It’s called “Authority Marketing” and there’s no more powerful form of marketing available today for small to medium-sized business owners.

Start positioning yourself as THE  local expert new prospects will choose over all the other competitors in town.

And if the thought of being “on camera” is a little scary to you, no problem – you don’t even have to appear in the video unless you want to.  It’s your choice!  We’ll go over these options with you at our Pre-Production meeting.

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