“Turn Your Raving 5-Star Customer Reviews Into Powerful 1-Minute Video ‘Review Commercials’!”

Looking for effective new ways to promote and grow your business? Without having to invest a lot of time or money? And at the same time create valuable, long-lasting marketing assets that will keep attracting new prospects to you month after month, year after year? If so, read on…

If you’re running a successful company, that probably means you have plenty of satisfied customers – happy people with positive stories to tell about their own personal experiences with your business. And if you’re like many established businesses, there’s a good chance some of your past customers have already written a positive review about you online somewhere, like on Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Angie’s List, Merchant Circle, etc.

If they have, then listen carefully – those stories are some of THE most valuable marketing assets you have, and I’m going to show you how to make them work even harder for you in getting more new customers to call you or walk through your door!

fact-smallMany owners & marketing executives now understand just how important positive customer reviews & testimonials have suddenly become to the success of their business. Today, 92% of consumers read online reviews when they’re getting ready to buy, so savvy business owners are now actively building their own new 5-Star online reputations to take advantage of this new consumer behavior.

fact-smallUsing video to promote a business, on the other hand, is nothing new. Companies of all sizes have been using video for decades to advertise their products and services, spending billions of dollars every year on TV and other forms of video marketing to help them get their message out. It’s a richer form of communication, and today almost everyone watches video – including your prospects.

So just what happens when you combine your powerful 5-Star customer reviews with video?

Magic Happens – They’re Called “Review Commercials”!

(click below to watch one)

These videos could be about your company. A glowing 5-star review written by one of your many satisfied customers, posted online in a professionally produced, highly compelling 1-minute video for everyone to see. Guess what happens when new prospects researching your business online come across a video or two (or ten) like this about you?

It’s your phone that rings, not your competitors’.

Wow! How much better of a first impression can you make on new prospects?

To produce our high-quality Review Commercials, we only use:

      • Hollywood-style recording studios and sound stages
      • professional spokesmodels, make-up artists, videographers, video editors & scriptwriters
      • prime-time graphics and animation.

Plan on spending at least $2,000 if you want to produce this type of video yourself, with the same high-quality results you saw above.

Or we can do it for you, and

Turn Your Own 5-Star Customer Reviews Into Pure Marketing Gold!

Special Offer!We’ll take your favorite 5-Star customer reviews and transform them into powerful video “Review Commercials” that will help  influence new, ready-to-buy prospects to choose YOU over all your local competitors!

We know just how effective these marketing videos can be because we tested them in focus groups:




Send us your favorite 5-Star customer review(s) and we’ll use them to produce powerful 1-minute video “Review Commercials” that will make your company look like THE only one in town to do business with…each video now only…



And here’s an extra bonus worth $47 if you act right now…

extra-bonusNot only will we produce your video Review Commercials – we’ll ALSO syndicate them across
several major video sharing websites like these to boost your company’s visibility even more:

Google, YouTube, Yahoo, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, etc.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed 100%

There is no more powerful marketing strategy available today than letting happy, satisfied customers / clients / patients sing your praises and tell your story for you out in the marketplace.  Publish these short, easy-to-watch video “Review Commercials” on your website, on your YouTube channel, on your Facebook Page – wherever you want to use them!

You and your company worked hard to earn positive comments from your clients, so why not take full advantage of them? These videos will be valuable marketing assets that you’ll own and can use forever.  

You can never have too much good video content online that showcases your business in a positive light, so get out ahead of your competitors and really start leveraging the persuasive power of your 5-Star reviews today!

Let’s get started!  It’s Easy!

Step 1: Enter your company’s information & favorite review(s) below.

Step 2: On the Order page specify the number of videos you want.      

Step 3: Check out. We’ll call you in a few minutes to verify. That’s it!

Your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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