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The Internet has completely changed the way consumers buy products and services – and this new behavior has just turned everything you knew about marketing on its head!

A 5-Star reputation is the new business gold standard. Start building yours today!Today, almost 90% of your new prospective customers go online to research your company first before deciding whether or not to do business with you. It’s quick, easy to do, and millions of people shopping for products and services do it every day. You’ve probably done it yourself if you’ve ever chosen a restaurant or gone to a movie based on other people’s reviews.

This has suddenly become a huge game-changing opportunity for every business owner and local marketing executive today. Your company’s reputation is now what matters the most to consumers – it’s even more important than price for many people. It’s called “social proof” – customer reviews, testimonials, star ratings, comments, etc. – and it has quietly & quickly become the most important marketing strategy you can use for your business – one that many of your competitors don’t even know about yet!

Like most businesses, there’s a really good chance yours is listed right now on Yelp, Google Places, Yahoo Local, Angie’s List, YP.com, Merchant Circle and dozens of other high-traffic business directory websites where your past customers are writing reviews about you – and where new prospects are looking for you.

Why not give them what they’re looking for – and make choosing your business an easy decision for them to make?

Marketing ANY business today starts with building a 5-Star online business reputation, and here’s why:

“70% of consumers today trust online reviews. Only personal referrals from family and friends, at 92%, are a more trusted form of advertising.”

– 2013 Global Trust in Advertising study, the Nielsen Company

Even after receiving a personal referral, almost 9 out of 10 people today go online to research the company just referred to them.”

– Real Strategic, 2014

“When choosing between similar products, 87% of customers choose the product from the company with the better reputation. Also, companies that develop a good reputation by taking good care of their customers are 25 – 85% more profitable.”

– Opinion Research, 2016

So how much sense does it make, then, for you to invest a lot of money in radio or TV advertising, direct mail campaigns, SEO for your website, Pay-Per-Click advertising, even building a word-of-mouth referral program – when the FIRST thing 90% of your new prospects are going to do is research your company’s reputation?

Listen, it’s simple.  If they don’t like the reputation they see in Google – or if there’s no reputation to see at all – guess what? Game over! With a simple click of their mouse, they’re just going to choose another business with a better, more established reputation than yours.

Which dentist would you choose?

Which dental practice would you choose?

There are only four types of online reputation your business can have:

A "Bad" reputation. Would you do business with a company that people have already written negative reviews about? Probably not. Bad reviews about a company are warnings telling you to stay away from it.

No reputation at all. No reviews means no reputation. A company without reviews is an unknown and untrusted entity, and most new potential customers will pass it by without a second glance because they see better options out there.

A "Good" reputation. Businesses with "good" reputations have some good reviews, and maybe a few not-so-good reviews. Overall, they're just good enough to be called "Good".
But isn't your company better than just "good"?

A solid gold 5-Star reputation. This is the only type of reputation your company wants. When prospects see a 5-Star rated company, it's the same as hearing their friends & family recommending your company. It's the online equivalent of getting personal referrals.




Don’t Wait.

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I will set your company up with the most sophisticated Reputation Management tools available today for local businesses and will personally help you build a 5-Star online reputation for your own company. 

For three full months – 90 days – you’ll have complete access to:

  1. A custom online Review Page, branded with your logo, that you’ll email to your recent customers.
  2. A built-in email autoresponder system like MailChimp or Aweber to send those emails out automatically.
  3. An online database to capture the “star” ratings and review comments customers provide about your business.
  4. A real-time monitoring system that watches key business directories for new reviews about your company.
  5. An automated alerting system that emails you whenever someone posts a new review – good or bad – about you.
  6. A professionally-formatted report showing your results and recommending additional marketing opportunities.
  7. Hands-on support from me or my staff to help you start getting reviews quickly from your recent happy customers.

If you don’t have an  online reputation established yet, this is a great way to finally get off the sideline and quickly into the game.  Almost 90% of all consumers today go online to research products and services before they purchase them, and two-thirds of them use Google as their primary search engine.  That’s why every successful business wants to show up there prominently – and with a golden 5-star rating – in Google search results.  That’s where your new prospects are looking for you.

If you do have an online reputation but it needs some more work, this 90-day program is perfect for you.  Using our proprietary reputation marketing system, quickly add new positive reviews from your happy customers to improve your overall rating and make you even more attractive to new prospective customers.

And if you have a bad reputation, then you desperately need this service most of all.  While you’re reading this, your bad reputation is scaring off new business you don’t want to lose. Get some positive reviews quickly from your happy customers to start salvaging your online reputation – and the future of your business.  Don’t wait!

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$297 for 90 days

SAVE $1,494

SAVE $1,494

Listen, if you have no online reputation yet…or you have a reputation you’re not really proud of…or you want to turn a good reputation into a GREAT reputation…

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PS.  For any reputable business today, all marketing starts with it having a great online reputation.  Why?  Because consumers research your company online first before deciding to even engage with you or not.  If you don’t have an online reputation yet – or need to improve an existing reputation – don’t miss this chance to “crash build” the great online reputation your business must have today – and save hundreds of dollars doing it.  Act now!
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