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Every business owner and marketing executive knows when more people can see their company online, the more new customers / clients / patients it will attract.  Kind of a no-brainer, right?

Well, what many of those same owners and executives DON’T understand is that there are dozens of high-traffic websites where their businesses can be listed for FREE – but they’re not!  This is a huge wasted marketing opportunity that can cheat a local business like yours out of literally thousands of dollars in new revenue every month. Talk about “leaving money on the table”.  Ouch!

Here are some of the most popular business directories your company needs to appear on:

Your company needs to be listed on these major online business directories.

So what makes these online business directories so special?  Why should you go to the trouble of claiming them for your business?

They're usually free. That's right - free! The largest directories all operate by giving away free listings to local businesses like yours. Then they sell advertising or enhanced listings to those who want to be even more visible. Millions of consumers use these sites every day to get business information like phone numbers, addresses, hours of operation, etc.

Their information is frequently wrong and needs to be corrected. Chances are, your company is already listed on a few of these sites. That's great, right? Well, no, not necessarily. There's also a good chance that the information they're showing about your business is wrong, and there's nothing worse than showing a new prospective customer - someone thinking about doing business with you - the wrong phone number, or street address, or other information they need.

Online business listings demonstrate your authority to consumers who have never heard about you. If your company has been in business for a number of years, wouldn't you expect to see numerous public references to it? The more listings prospective customers see about you online, the more legitimate your business appears to them and the more willing they are to give you a try. This is especially true of business directories that show customer reviews on them. There's nothing more powerful than having 5-star reviews from past customers on your listings for everyone to see. Instant credibility!

They can bring in a lot of new traffic to your business. Some of these online directories have millions of people visiting them daily, all looking for companies to hire for the services they need. Having eye-catching, complete and correct listings on these directories is like having your own little digital billboards alongside the internet superhighway, attracting some of the many drivers who happen to notice them while driving by.

The more listings you have, the more they can give your website an "SEO boost". Each of these business listings allows you to put a link on it that connects back to your company's website. Not only does that link give the visitor an easy way to find and visit your site, but each link also represents a "vote" for relevance and authenticity. It's called "search engine optimization", and the more links you have coming to your website from huge directories like these, the better. Search engines like Google will reward your website with higher rankings on their search results page, making it still easier for new prospects to find you.

There are more good reasons why you should immediately claim and optimize all the online business directory listings you can for your business.  The longer they go unclaimed, the longer you’re letting your “listed” competitors snatch all those prospects away from you – and the more potential sales you’re losing every day.

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