“Don’t Leave The Reputation Of Your Company To Chance. Build A 5-Star Online Rating And Actively Market It To Explode Your Business!”

The Internet has completely changed the way consumers buy products and services – and this new behavior has just turned everything you knew about marketing on its head!

A 5-Star reputation is the new business gold standard. Start building yours today!Today, almost 90% of the buying public goes online to research companies first before deciding whether or not to do business with them. It’s quick, easy to do, and millions of people shopping for products and services do it every day. You’ve probably done it yourself if you’ve ever chosen a restaurant or gone to a movie based on other people’s reviews.

This has suddenly become a huge game-changing opportunity for every business owner and local marketing executive today. Your company’s reputation is now what matters the most to consumers – it’s even more important than price for many people. It’s called “social proof” – customer reviews, testimonials, star ratings, comments, etc. – and it has quietly & quickly become the most important marketing strategy you can use for your business – one that most of your competitors don’t even know about yet!

Like most businesses, there’s a really good chance yours is listed right now on Yelp, Google Places, Yahoo Local, Angie’s List, YP.com, Merchant Circle and dozens of other high-traffic business directory websites where your past customers are writing reviews about you – and where new prospects are looking for you.

Why not give them what they’re looking for – and make choosing your business an easy decision for them to make?

Marketing your business today starts with building your
5-Star online business reputation, and here’s why:

“70% of consumers today trust online reviews. Only personal referrals from family and friends, at 92%, are a more trusted form of advertising.”

– 2013 Global Trust in Advertising study, the Nielsen Company

“Even after receiving a personal referral, almost 9 out of 10 people today go online to research the company just referred to them.”

– Real Strategic, 2014

“When choosing between similar products, 87% of customers choose the product from the company with the better reputation. Also, companies that develop a good reputation by taking good care of their customers are 25 – 85% more profitable.”

– Opinion Research, 2016

So how much sense does it make, then, to invest a lot of money in radio or TV advertising, direct mail campaigns, SEO for your website, Pay-Per-Click advertising, even building your word-of-mouth referral program – when 90% of your new prospects are going online FIRST to research your company’s reputation?

Listen, it’s as simple as this – if they don’t like the reputation they see – or if there’s no reputation to see at all – guess what? Game over! With a simple click of their mouse, they’re just going to choose another business with a better, more established reputation than yours.


Happening over just the last couple of years, this new consumer behavior has temporarily leveled the online marketing “playing field” for you and your local competition. Competitors who have been out-spending your business for years in advertising have just been sent right back to the starting line – and now it’s a race to build the 5-Star reputation for your business before your competitors catch on and start building theirs.

There are only four types of online reputation your business can have:

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