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When your past customers write reviews about your company on Google, Yelp & other business directories, wouldn’t you like to know?

Know What Other People Are Saying About Your Business!Sometimes it only takes 1 bad review to scare away new prospects considering doing business with you, so it really pays to quickly find out what’s being said about your company online. Anyone can post a review about your business anytime and anywhere, and there are literally dozens of online business directories where those reviews can show up – and where your new prospective clients will see them.

Knowing instantly when a review has been written online about you has some real advantages. If it’s a great review, then calling the customer back to thank them may also be a great opportunity to ask them for a referral. And if it was a negative review about you, a prompt and professional response to it can help reduce some of the damage it will do to your reputation – and to your company’s profits! So it’s vitally important for you to stay on top of your online reviews and ratings – they have a direct impact on your business.A bad online review is bad for business.

But just how do you keep track of what’s being said about you on all those sites?Who has the time each day to visit all of them just to see if any new reviews about you have been posted there? No business owner or marketing executive I know – and you probably don’t want your staff spending their valuable time every day surfing the internet to do it either.  (Tip: Using Google Alerts is only a partial solution because many reviews frequently don’t contain the search terms people are scanning for.)

Well, for the first time ever, you now have access to a solution that completely monitors your online reputation for you! And for the next 4 days only, it’s 85% off the regular price!

Our Elite Reputation Monitoring Service includes:

24 hour, 7-day-a-week Site Monitoring. We’ll monitor all the top online directories your company’s main business location is listed on – around the clock, each and every day of the week!
Instantaneous Email Alerts. Whenever we detect a new review about your business – good or bad – we’ll immediately fire off an email alert to you – and anyone else you want – to get you all the information you’ll need.
Custom Alert Routing. We can route “bad” reviews alerts to someone like your Customer Service manager, “good” review alerts to the Sales manager, AND copy ALL review alerts directly to you. Our highly customizeable routing features will keep the right people “in the know” all the time!
Detailed Monthly Reporting. You’ll get all the reviews and reviewers’ information in a professionally-formatted report, including statistical review information and advanced analytics that will help you better manage your online business reputation.
Peace of Mind. Now you’ll know when someone sings your praises – or bashes your business! Know when good reviews are posted so you can share them with your staff as positive reinforcement. Never be blindsided by a bad review that scares away potential clients, damages your professional reputation, and costs you money!



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Below are just some of the major business directory websites we watch.  If your business is listed on them, we’ll monitor those sites for any new reviews posted on them – good or bad.  When we find some, we’ll immediately alert you via email so you’ll always know what people are saying about you online.

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PS. Bad online reviews about your business will hurt it, scaring new prospective customers away and into the arms of your competitors – and you may not even know it’s happening to you. Experience the peace of mind that comes from always knowing what people are saying about you online – good and bad – and start taking control of your online reputation. What you don’t know can hurt you – so take advantage of this limited-time offer today!

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